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The Benefits Of A Professional Direct Home Buyer For Seniors

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The Benefits Of A Professional Direct Home Buyer
For Seniors And Their Families

If you’re currently considering selling your house and downsizing or moving to senior living, one of the biggest decisions to make is determining the best way to sell your house.  However, working with a professional direct home buyer like Home Downsizing Solutions can alleviate many of the challenges that can happen when selling a house.  In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits that Home Downsizing Solutions (HDS) offers home owners that are downsizing or moving to senior living.

Skip The Preparation

Home Downsizing Solutions purchase properties “as is” and in any condition, so there’s no need to spend time and money preparing the house to be put on the market.  This eliminates the stress of cleaning, staging, and making repairs or updates that are typically required for listing a house with a real estate agent.

No Need For Repairs Or Updates

Unlike traditional buyers that expect a house to be in “nice” condition, which may include needed repairs or updates before closing, Home Downsizing Solutions is willing to purchase houses in any condition.  Long term home owners can avoid the hassle and expense of repairs and updates, allowing them to sell a house quickly, with less stress.

No Need To List Your House On The Market

With a direct home buyer like Home Downsizing Solutions, there’s no need to List your property on the market.  This eliminates the need to leave your house for showings, open houses, and having strangers and “looky loos” in your house.  This benefit can be extremely valuable if someone cannot leave the house due to health issues.

Avoid Home Selling Uncertainties

Home Downsizing Solutions can make selling a house much smoother, providing a seller with certainty and peace of mind.  There’s no waiting for potential buyers to make an offer, no worrying about additional buyer negotiations because of deficiencies discovered from a whole house inspection or appraisal, and no uncertainty about when the sale of the house will close or how much you will actually “net” from the transaction.

Flexibility Of Closing And Possession Dates

A professional direct home buyer, like Home Downsizing Solutions with 25+ years of experience working with downsizing situations, understands the unique needs of seniors and their families that are transitioning to a smaller home, apartment, or other senior living accommodation.

They offer flexibility with closing and possession dates, allowing a seller to coordinate their move according to their schedule. 

We can even purchase a house, but allow the seller to remain in their house for 30, 60, sometimes 90 days or more to make the transition as stress free as possible.

No Need For Bridge Loans

For senior home owners that need funds from the sale of their house to facilitate their move to senior living, Home Downsizing Solutions eliminates the need for a bridge loan.  As mentioned above, HDS can buy the house, get the proceeds from the sale to the seller so they have the funds needed for their transition to senior living, but can stay in their house until that transition happens.

Complete Home Downsizing Support And Services

Home Downsizing Solutions can provide many home downsizing support services tailored to the needs of a home seller and their family.  Items such as sorting, organizing, and packing belongings, to creating a floor plan and determining what items can be moved to the new home. 

Additionally, we can help monetize or donate items no longer needed or wanted and assist with the actual move to a new residence.

No Need To Worry About The Stuff

One of the most valuable benefits a direct home buying company like HDS provides is the ability to leave any of the “stuff” in the house that is no longer wanted, needed, could not be sold or donated, and won’t be moved.  Just leave it and we will take care of it.

Are The Benefits Of Home Downsizing Solutions Of Value?

The bottom line?  Selling a house to a direct home buyer like Home Downsizing Solutions comes down to deciding if the benefits we offer are of value to you. 

Is it of value to you to skip the preparation of the house for sale, no need to do any repairs or updating that retail buyers expect, no need to List your house on the market and deal with showings, strangers in the house, and having to create an environment friendly to potential buyers but doesn’t feel like home any longer.  Avoid the uncertainties of not knowing when the house will sell or what you will receive from the transaction.  Having flexibility of possession and closing dates as well as having the funds from the sale of your house right away.  And, having the support of needed resources with just one primary point of contact.

If you’re considering selling your house and downsizing, give us a call!  We can discuss your unique situation so that you can determine the best solution to sell your house and make a transition to your next residence as stress and hassle free as possible.

For more information about the benefits Home Downsizing Solutions provides to seniors and their families considering selling a house and downsizing, just go to