About Home Downsizing Solutions
by:  The Sierra Group, LLC

We are a Professional Home Buying companyTHE Trusted Authority when it comes to home owners that want to sell their house and Downsize.

We started in this business over 20 years ago with a mission to help people who may feel as if they are stuck with a property that isn’t really right for them. Maybe they feel stuck because of the property’s condition, or maybe they are intimidated by the listing process.

Either way, we want to help you avoid the wasted time, money and stress. Moving and downsizing doesn’t have to be hard. You CAN find a new home that will better suit where you are in your life today!

Ben Souchek founder/owner of The Sierra Group LLC . Pro Home Buyers

I’m Ben. The founder and CEO of The Sierra Group, LLC and Home Downsizing Solutions. Also known as Mr. Home Downsizing™! We provide homeowners with real solutions. The Sierra Group LLC is Veteran Owned, and proudly boasts an A+ Rating from the BBB.

We want to help, whether you are dealing with an estate, probate, inherited house, house that needs too many repairs or ongoing maintenance, or just looking to sell your house that you may have owned for 20, 30, 40 or more years and get to a home or apartment that better fits your current lifestyle.

Home Downsizing Solutions is a real estate solutions company based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. We purchase houses in Nebraska, as well as other markets, such as in Missouri, Kansas, and Florida.  In addition to being a highly rated team of homebuyers, we are also licensed, agents.

We are “real” home buyers that have the ability and funds to purchase your house, and have CASH in your hands in just a few days (or as soon as the title and closing company can close)!!

We are NOT “wholesalers” that get a contract on a house, then try to find a real buyer to sell the contract to.

Every property we purchase is different. Every seller has a unique situation. We take everything into consideration and work with you, person to person. We will provide a custom solution for you. We want you to walk away from the closing table happy, and knowing you made a smart decision to sell to The Sierra Group LLC.

Benefits We Offer:
* No commissions to pay 
* No repairs or improvements to do. We Buy “As Is”
* No escrow fees
* No Seller or Buyer closing costs to pay. We pay all closing costs.
* No Home Warranty to pay for
* Flexible possession and closing dates. 
* You are in CONTROL of the sale of your house

Our Core Values

Provide our Clients Exceptional Service and Solutions

We do things for our clients, few if any others can offer, enabling us to do very special things for people in some unique and/or difficult situations.

Be Passionate and Determined

No Excuses. We do whatever it takes to find the best possible way to help in each and every situation.

Build a Positive Team & Family Spirit

We support each other in reaching our goals & creating solutions with a positive attitude and “I’ve got your back” teamwork.

Pursue Growth and Learning

Each of us takes the initiative to educate ourselves so we never become stagnant and remain open to new approaches and ways of doing business in order to better help our clients.

Be Humble

We never assume we already know the best way to serve our clients until we’ve listened with care and empathy.

How We’ll Work With You

We believe in being straight forward with our process from start to finish. We are transparent about how we work, and how we build our offers. Ask us anything! We welcome questions and will discuss your concerns at any time. You are not obligated to your home and selling doesn’t have to be stressful. Think about what downsizing could mean for you! We can help you declutter, move and even find a new home! Call us today to learn more! There is never any hassle or obligation!

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