The Best Omaha NE Home Buying Company

The Best Omaha NE Home Buying Company
Ben Souchek:

How To Find The Best Home Buyer In Omaha Nebraska

Are you a long term homeowner in the Omaha, Nebraska Metro area?

Maybe your house needs some repairs, updates, and maybe you’ve been in the home for a long time and you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff, which is very common.

Are you considering selling the house at this time and transitioning to a smaller home or senior care community and are wondering what might be the easiest way to sell your house?

The Most Trusted Omaha NE Home Buying Company

My name is Ben Souchek and I’m with Home Downsizing Solutions. And a couple of the questions that I get many times is that people are always wondering who is the best home buying company in the Omaha Metro area? And, who is a company that people can actually trust that will do what they say they can do?

In the current real estate environment, there’s a lot of companies, a lot of individuals that say they are cash home buying companies, but in reality, they are not. They either don’t intend to actually buy a house, even though they advertise that they do, or they have no financial ability to do so.

There’s a lot of training with the real estate gurus going on these days that are teaching, whether they’re experienced home buyers or brand new people, on how to wholesale houses. The bottom line, they teach people how to advertise to the consumer that they can buy houses. But in reality, they will meet with people, or if they’re one of the nationwide wholesalers, they will run ads online, and they have very good phone salespeople that will be able to talk a homeowner into signing a contract to sell their house.

Beware Of House Wholesaling Companies

But once these companies get a contract, then usually without the homeowner knowing, they will try and market that contract and that house to someone that can actually close and buy the property, someone that actually has the money and funding to do so. And they sometimes even go to the extent of listing the house on the multiple listing service, just as an agent would without telling the seller what they’re doing.

And if they cannot find a buyer, this puts you as a seller in a very precarious situation. They sometimes over promise on numbers because they have no skin in the game. There’s nothing for them to lose. If they can get a contract on something (a property), and they can’t find a buyer, they just back out. So it’s something to be very careful of.

An Experienced, Trusted Local Cash Home Buyer

In my case, my company has bought houses for cash for more than 20 years. When I tell a person that we have the funding, that we can close as soon as a title company checks title and prepares the closing paperwork, that’s what we can do. And that’s what we have done, again, for more than 20 years. We typically can close in under usually five to seven days. Again, it just depends on the title company.

With these wholesalers, they will typically tell a seller that they can close in maybe 21 to 30 days. And that’s if they can find somebody else to flip that contract to.

Benefits Home Downsizing Solutions Provides

The other benefits that we can offer, is that you don’t need to list your house at all.

You don’t need to do any repairs or updates to your home.

You can leave any stuff that may have accumulated over the years that you just don’t care about. And we’ll buy it completely as is, with all the stuff.

We do not require appraisals or whole house inspections like a traditional buyer may or usually does require, which gives them the ability to renegotiate the agreement even after they have an agreement with you.

We Provide Flexible Closing & Moving Dates

We can typically close and buy the house, but if your new home or new apartment isn’t quite ready, you can transition at your own pace. We have allowed a person to retain possession of the property for sometimes up to 90 days or even more so that you can make that transition at your pace.

And so that you don’t have to worry about selling your house, but then being forced out before you can move into the place you really want to get to.

So if you have questions, I’d be happy to answer those. Just go to or give us a call. I’ll put our number here. And, if we can be of service to you, if you have questions about whether a company that you’ve heard about is a legitimate buyer, a home buyer or not, we can usually help you with that. And I do have a few questions that you can ask a home buyer to let you know whether they’re real or not. So again, if I can help you out, please let us know, just go to and be happy to help you out in any way that we can. Thank you.

We Provide The Fastest, Easiest Way To Sell Your House & Downsize

Home Downsizing Solutions by The Sierra Group, LLC is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We purchase homes locally, and in many other parts of the country such as Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas & Florida! For the past 20+ years, we have been helping people by purchasing their homes directly! In addition, we are licensed realtors in Nebraska and Missouri. We understand the process and the local markets, allowing you to receive the best service and the best all-cash price for your home! We are Veteran Owned, and hold an A+ rating with The BBB! 

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