6 Benefits of Downsizing Your Home In Omaha, NE

The push for downsizing is everywhere. Everyone is talking about smaller houses and apartment communities, but why? Having a lot of space has always been looked upon as a good thing, even prestigious or a sign of success to many people. However, when you think about what it is costing, is it really worth it?

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Both seniors and the younger crowds are discovering the many benefits of smaller living. Below, we offer 6 benefits of downsizing your home in Omaha, along with some resources to help you along the way!

Lower Your Bills

With a smaller house comes smaller bills. Your utilities, property taxes, and mortgage will all likely be lower in a smaller house. There is less house to heat, cool, and insure. With this greater cash flow, you’ll be able to invest your extra money elsewhere. You could travel, pay for school, or make a new investment. If you don’t need all of the extra room, ask yourself, why are you still paying for it?

Less To Maintain

When you live in a smaller space, there is less for you to clean, repair, and otherwise maintain. You won’t have to spend as much time cleaning up spare rooms or mowing a massive lawn. Repairs and upgrades are often cheaper.

Moving to an apartment will allow you to enjoy life and not worry about any repairs or updates, or the cost of those items.

Less Stress With Downsizing

A large house will cause you more stress. There is more to clean, more to break, and more to go wrong. You’ll likely have more items in the home, more closets to fill, and more clutter to try and hide away. Living in a smaller space forces you to deal with the clutter head-on.

You won’t be able to hoard items or surround yourself with piles of unneeded items because you won’t have the space! In a smaller home, you will be able to keep things much more simple, thus reducing your stress and the time you must dedicate to all of the possessions in your home.

Bring Your Family Closer

People in a smaller space are going to interact more, plain and simple. Living in a sprawling home lets everyone keep their distance, but when you downsize to a smaller home this isn’t physically possible. While you may miss your space at first, being around the ones you love on a more regular basis will ultimately bring you closer. It will help you start a new chapter in your life with the people that mean the most to you.

Handling Clutter Now, Not Later

As Baby Boomers get older, downsizing and handling all of their collected belongings can be a huge relief for their kids. Taking care of their possessions now while they are healthy and able-bodied can take a huge weight off of the shoulders of their loved ones. Cleaning out a house full of items, accumulated over the past 50 years isn’t a task many people look forward to so handling things now makes everything much easier down the road.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Many people in Omaha and across the country are choosing to downsize to help lower their impact on the environment. While the lowered utility bills are great for your wallet, they are great for the planet too. A smaller house takes less to build and less to maintain. Your property requires fewer resources, decreasing the amount of water, electricity, and gas your household is consuming.

What To Do With All That Stuff?

When downsizing your home in the Omaha Nebraska metro area, the process can seem overwhelming when you don’t know what to do with it all. Here are a few local organizations that will pick up unwanted items free of charge!

The Salvation Army


Habitat For Humanity – ReStore

Paralyzed Veterans of America

We Buy Houses With Or Without Stuff

And, if you still have stuff that you don’t want, or don’t know what to do with, we’ll take care of it when we buy your house!

To learn more about selling your house & downsizing in the Omaha Nebraska metro area, reach out to me today! I am happy to help answer any questions you have about the process! (402)-291-5005

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