4 Tips For Downsizing With A Large Family In Nebraska

How To Sell A House And Downsize In Nebraska

Living in a house that’s too big or feeling overwhelmed by all of your belongings isn’t a comfortable way to live. Even large families in Nebraska are getting in on the downsizing trend, moving from houses that are several thousand square feet and into homes that are much smaller. Owning a house with so much space is expensive, and for many families, the extra cash from downsizing can be used on better things such as traveling, college, your retirement fund, or other investment opportunities.

If you want to downsize your house in Nebraska and you have a large family, don’t despair! Use our tips for downsizing with a large family to make the process run smoothly!

Make a Plan to Sell Your House & Downsize

Before the move actually happens, everyone in the family should know about how much room they will have to work with. Make sure all of the furniture you plan on bringing with you will actually fit in the home. Let your kids know exactly how much space they will have for toys. Make sure everyone knows how much closet space they will have. You can use bins and storage containers to help provide visual representations of the space while getting things packed up.

Consolidate Your Stuff

When living in a house for a few years, things begin to pile up. Slowly items will accumulate making the idea of downsizing seem that much more daunting. It’s important to look at your possessions objectively and not emotionally. Do you need 5 tennis racquets? How many pots and pans can you actually cook with at one time? Who needs 40 mugs?

Take a look at the items you have multiples of and eliminate the ones you don’t really need.

Sell or Donate Unused Items

You are likely holding to items you don’t necessarily need. People tend to hold onto items out of habit and collect things until we run out of all available space.

You likely have books you aren’t going to pick up and read again anytime soon, clothes that are in great shape that you no longer wear, and sporting equipment that was used once before being stowed away in the garage. When trying to decide whether or not to keep something, ask yourself…

Would You Replace It If It Was Lost?

If the answer is no, you likely don’t need to hold onto it any longer.

Be patient with young kids when asking kids to sell or donate their possessions. Giving up toys may seem much more difficult when they are saying goodbye to their friends, house, and other familiar parts of their lives. Let them have some say in what they are getting rid of and take the time to explain to them how their generosity will help others.

A few great places to donate items in Nebraska include:

Take Pictures

We all have things we are holding onto for sentimental reasons, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there are many things that could be remembered in a digital photo as opposed to physically keeping the item. For example, all of the drawings your kids have made at school could be stored on a flash drive as opposed to in a storage bin.

Photos that aren’t going in scrapbooks can be digitized instead of taking up storage space. You could also choose to snap a pic of the mementos and miscellaneous things you kept from trips and events in your life. Napkins, matchboxes, and brochures are a few items you can remember from a picture as opposed to carrying the item around with you for years to come.

Downsizing a house that is much too large for you, can make your living space feel more like home.

Removing the burden of having so much “stuff” can be very freeing and rewarding. Downsizing with a large family may seem overwhelming, but it may end up being one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.  

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