10 Tips For Senior Homeowners Who Want To Downsize In Omaha, NE!

How To Sell A House And Downsize In Omaha Nebraska

Retirees all over the US are downsizing their homes for a number of reasons. Some are leading an active lifestyle, traveling and spending little time at home. No longer does it make sense for these individuals to own a 5 bedroom house that sits empty the majority of the time. For other seniors who are looking to downsize in Omaha, they are simply tired of the maintenance and having to keep up with the cleaning and repairs. Maybe they are dealing with health problems or lack the energy they once had to get it all done.

No matter why you want to downsize in Omaha, you will ultimately be able to cut down your cost of living. You’ll be able to increase your retirement savings and live a better quality of life.

Start Small

First, take some time to go around the house to declutter items that aren’t used, that lack monetary value, and that you feel no attachment to. This will help you to get the ball rolling, making it easier when you have to decide whether or not to keep the items that mean a bit more to you.

Donate Wisely

Take a look at what you have, what you’re not using, and what someone else could get good use out of. Donate items to organizations you care about, so the blow of saying goodbye to some items is justified. Knowing you are giving to a cause you care about will make donating things much easier. Don’t forget to get receipts for your items! They can come in handy at tax time!

A few great places to donate unwanted items in Omaha, NE include:

Consider Family Gifts

If you have a house filled with keepsakes you are having trouble parting with, consider passing these items on to your family member now, instead of having to store them. Family members will love your old photos, mementos, and heirlooms. Giving them to the family will give you the peace of mind in knowing your treasures have gone to a good home.

Have A Yard Sale

If you have some items of value, consider having a yard sale. Don’t expect to get retail price for your items, as people love to haggle. But having a yard sale can be a great way to capitalize on those few miscellaneous items you aren’t sure what to do with.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Have you used the item in the past year? Does it have any monetary value? Will it be used in a smaller space to add to the quality of life? If the answer to these questions is no, you’ll likely be able to get rid of the item without too much grief.

Create A Memory

Maybe you have many large pieces in your living room that you love but that doesn’t make sense to hold onto. You could make a video of you and your family enjoying time in the house, sitting on the couch, sharing a laugh, and capturing what makes the space so special. It will give you something you can hang onto, making saying goodbye a bit easier.

Enlist KonMari

One technique that has caught a lot of attention over the past year, is the KonMari method. Going through your items using this method allows you to really examine each item to determine if you should keep it or not. It is a great way to banish the clutter for good!

Utilize Moving Services

When the moving day finally arrives, utilizing the help of professional movers will make things easier on everyone involved. Emotions may be running high as-is, so letting someone else handle the heavy lifting, will help to relieve you of the burden.

When Home Downsizing Solutions purchases your house, we can typically provide a $1,000 moving credit!

Dimensions Of Your New Space

If you know where you will be going after you downsize in Omaha, make sure you have the new property’s measurements and are able to measure your current items to see what will fit and what won’t. For example, you’ll want to know that your giant desk won’t fit now as opposed to the day of move-in.

Even if aren’t sure exactly where you will be moving, try to make your best estimate of the size of the place you see yourself in. How much square footage to you need? Will you be in a single-family home with a garage, a second-story condo, or a senior living facility? Each of these spaces will have different dimensions that should be taken into account when trying to downsize in Omaha.

Hire A Professional To Help

Working with the team at Home Downsizing Solutions will help you through every part of the downsizing process. We are well connected to every resource someone looking to downsize in Omaha would need. If you have lived in the same house for many years, working with a professional to help you with the transition can be very beneficial!

We can provide assistance in locating a great senior move manager, senior placement service, and other services to make the transition to your new home or apartment as stress and hassle free as possible.

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