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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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the sierra group reviews“…I needed to sell his house and use the funds for his care.”

“Ben, just a note to express my appreciation for the quick and professional sale of my father’s house. Because my father had a stroke and was subsequently placed in a nursing facility, I needed to sell his house and use the funds for his care. You and your company were always available to answer questions and provide the information I needed. We were able to close in two weeks without any difficulty at all. Thank you again for making this sale as painless as possible!”

Sharon P.

“Ben Souchek did a terrific job in handling our sale. I would highly recommend him.”

the sierra group reviews

Richard N.

the sierra group reviews“Relying on The Sierra Group was the very best choice I’ve ever made…”

“Now that the financial tensions in our household have simmered down, there is one more important obligation that I need to complete. Ron and I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance through the process of selling our old house. You possess unmatched qualities of listener, teacher, mentor, and facilitator, which, combined with your experience and knowledge of the real estate business, made our selling transaction nearly worry-free. Relying on The Sierra Group was the very best choice I’ve ever made, and without hesitation or reservation, I would recommend this company, and you, as their representative, over and over again. From both of us, we wish you the very best and success in all of your endeavors.”

Cindy & Ron M.

the sierra group reviews“…we had recently moved to an apartment so as to no longer need to come with home and yard maintenance issues.”

“My wife and I wish to express our appreciation to you for your prompt, courteous, and efficient service when purchasing the house that we had lived in for 32 plus years. As you recall, we had recently moved to an apartment so as to no longer need to come with home and yard maintenance issues. Had we used the traditional home selling method, we would still have had to deal with those issues, as well as being responsible for repairs, upgrades, and getting the house ready to show to potential buyers, a time-consuming and expensive process, even after we no longer occupied the house. Your service made it possible for us to side-step these issues, and to have our house sold in a timely manner at a fair price.

We appreciate being able to sell our house to you ‘as is’, with the flexible departure date, and to leave in the house those items that we did not wish to keep. We especially appreciate being presented with several offers from which we could select the offer that best suited our needs. You and your associate, Loretta, were most helpful throughout the entire process. Our thanks to both of you.”

Robert R.

the sierra group reviews“Everything and everyone we had contact with was very professional and friendly and had lots of knowledge in what they were doing.”

Andrew L.

the sierra group reviews“…offer was very fair.”

“First I want to thank you so much for what you have done for me. Second I’m so sorry for the way left things in the condo.  I had no way of getting rid of some things & so gracious of you doing this.  Because of health issues, it was impossible for me to do the downsizing of over 50 years of things – you were God sent.  Your company’s plan saved me so much of getting my condo ready to sell – your offer was very fair. Again Thank you so much for saving so much work & heartache for a 75 yr old woman. God bless you.”

Mary T.

“…very little trauma to us…”

“As you know, the sale of our home of 46 years was a hard decision for (my husband) and me to make even tho our health conditions made it necessary.  Our son moved into the house while we made the decision to sell the house in a way that would cause us the least amount of anxiety. We saw the Sierra Group advertisement in the Kansas City Star and began to feel this would be the best solution for us – not to prolong the waiting time it might take to have it listed and wait for the right home-seeker. As soon as we met you we felt confidence in you and the Sierra company, as you explained in detail what you could do for us. Our faith was more than justified.  You explained how you would handle the sale and transfer of title and closing with very little trauma to us, and that is exactly how it was. We appreciate your courtesy and service to us and we would like to recommend you and the Sierra company to anyone planning to sell their home.”

Clara & Eugene C.

the sierra group reviews“…absolutely no headaches…”

“To those considering the Sierra Group: Upon my father’s death, I engaged in all manner of detail in first identifying bank accounts and then closing those accounts to bring the estate to a close.  As I considered options on selling his home, I met with a number of real estate agents and estate salespeople.  The range of realtors went from the delightful gal that seemed more interested in listing the home than in finding a price that might sell it, to the fellow that provided a range of horror stories in getting the home to pass inspections.  He was truly interested in selling the home, as his mom made a very low offer just hours after I first met with him.  The estate salespeople were similarly discouraging.

As I contemplated investing time, labor, money, and trips from Texas to Omaha to get the house in shape to sell it, Ben’s timely postcard arrived in the mail.  What the heck, said I, as I contacted Ben.  He inspected the home and provided me a detailed breakdown of value, costs, and provided me with options in selling the home.  All of his information matched with my own valuations given the detail provided by other realtors.  My siblings and I selected the cash sales option that was at, I feel, a very equitable price.  After some discussion, we closed just a few weeks later and we were able to walk away with a reasonable price and absolutely no headaches or lengthy effort in trying to sell the home. I recommend Ben Souchek and his organization if you’re interested in selling your home at a fair price with minimal hassle in a very timely manner.”

Jim W.

the sierra group reviews“I don’t know what I would have done without you!”

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all your help.  Without you, I would have lost my house in foreclosure and had nothing to show for 26 years of hard work.  It was amazing that you were able to save my house the night before it was to be sold by the mortgage company.   know now that I should have let you take care of things long before I did because by the time I decided the housing market was so bad I began to think that we would lose everything. With your help, I was able to rent an apartment, have someone move me and live for the next several months.  Besides paying all my past due to mortgage payments you paid my utilities which were several months past due.  Had those not been taken care of I’m sure I would not have been able to have the gas and electricity turned on in my apartment.  I have told everyone I know about you and how good you were to me.  If you ever need a reference don’t hastate to have them call me. Thank you very much, I don’t know what I would have done without you!”

Crystal L.

“…professionalism and efficiency.”

When we decided at our advanced age, to downsize and sell our home after 44 years of wonderful memories, we were overwhelmed! The Sierra Group had been recommended to us, and as soon as we had our first contact with Ben Souchek, we knew that we had made the right decision. He personally handled the entire transaction– (having the house inspected) and explaining each step through closing, which went quickly, with terms and cash exactly as agreed upon, and with almost no effort on our part. Another big plus was allowing us to stay in our home for two months while making decisions on what “treasures” to take with us and what to leave behind. ….we were impressed with your company’s professionalism and efficiency.

Judy & Bob K.