Find A Retirement Community With Bridge To Better Living

Find A Retirement Community With Bridge to Better Living

Bridge To Better Living –
A Trusted Choice For Assisted Living, Retirement Consulting And Senior Care.
Placement With Passion
In Lincoln & Omaha Nebraska

My name is Ben Souchek and I’m with Home Downsizing Solutions, Professional Home Buyers. And today, I have a very special guest Mary Ann Stallings, who is with the Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska offices of Bridge To Better Living.

The Primary Mission For Bridge To Better Living

Bridge To Better Living was founded 10 years ago. And I founded it because of the frustration I found with trying to find the right retirement community for family members. My husband and I worked with five family members and over a period of about 10 years. I was a teacher and I was at the point in my career where I could make a change and I wanted to start my own business, but I wanted to help people. And I wanted it to be a free service. So I started thinking back about the frustrations and what had happened in our past. And I thought, well, maybe I could help people go through this very emotional time and frustrating time and do the leg work and provide the expertise and the database, et cetera.

So I spent about a year and a half putting Bridge To Better Living together. And basically what we do is we sit down with family members or seniors and discuss with them on a consultation basis what they need socially, physically, medically, and financially. And we’re then able, through our database, to narrow down different communities that will match their needs. We then set up appointments with all the different communities and we go with them on those tours and we make sure that all the questions are asked, that everything is transparent. So that when they do move, that they don’t have any surprises. And we do this as a free service to our clients. We contract with all the different communities, and we have contracts with communities in Lincoln, Omaha and the surrounding area from Ashland to Fremont, even up in Norfolk and Columbus, down to Crete out to Grand Island. So basically that’s how Bridge To Better Living was started, was kind of a brainchild of mine and something that I was hoping that I could help others.

The Specific Steps In The Downsizing Process To A New Home

It starts with them realizing that they do need to make the move, but it is so hard emotionally for people to make that move. And even then they’ll talk about, “Well, I’ve lived here for 40 years.” I have all this, I had one gentlemen, and he said, “I’ve got all this “stuff” and what am I going to do with it?” And so he needed somebody to help him downsize his home, come in and help figure out what really is important and what really isn’t, and what is valuable to others. And then also figuring out what they really want to take with them. What’s really important? And that is very, very difficult for seniors because they get to looking back and memory start flowing back and they think, Oh, this happened.

And so it’s quite a process by the time they kind of go down that life journey that they had with their kids growing up and all the momentos and the little letters and the cards that they have from their children as they were growing up that they saved. And what’s important to take? Am I going to need three sets of dishes? Am I going to need any dishes?

First off, is that it’s very difficult for them to kind of release themselves from their home where they’ve been. And once they do that, then they still have to release themselves from all of those things that are important to them, but maybe aren’t important to other people.

Home Downsizing Services Provided By Bridge To Better Living

So we take them through that whole process of being able to find out the criteria that meets their needs and vice versa with the retirement communities and finding the right retirement community that matches their personality. From there, we usually then just do a referral because we don’t pack. We don’t move them. But what we do is provide that shoulder for them to talk to, and to listen to, and sometimes they’ll call us and say, “Hey, come out. What do you think is going to work in this apartment?” And we’ll say, “Well, this table will probably work, but this one may not.” But still there are others, who can say, “Hey, this will work here and this will work here.” But once they move and move in, we then come back and walk through the door with them and make sure that the quality of life that they’re looking for is there. That they’re happy and everything is in place for them.

The Bridge to Better Living Motto – Placement With Passion

The primary focus is making sure that the individual gets into the right new home, the right new community that’s going to be a great fit for them.

How People Find Bridge To Better Living

Most of the people learn about our services from word of mouth, from people who have used this before. We do do a lot of speaking engagements. So if anybody ever needs a speaker for a Kiwanis club or a church group, or we speak to groups from three to four people on up to a couple of hundred. So we go out and talk about activities of daily living. When is it that time when you need to make that move? What are the signs? When should I make that move? And that’s very difficult to know exactly when a person should make a move, but there are definitely signs. And we go through those signs when we do our presentation. It’s a PowerPoint or we can just do a verbal presentation also. And then many of the financial advisors and trust officers, doctors, ministers also refer us.

Signs That It May Be A Good Time To Downsize

Some of those signs are when people start skipping meals and they’re not eating correctly. And when you open up the refrigerator and its full of little styrofoam boxes, and many of them have mold in them. And so when people aren’t eating correctly, then they’re usually not taking their medication correctly. So nutrition and medication kind of have a domino effect with each other. And when that happens is many times people will start going into a depression. And when that happens, then you’ll see like the house, they no longer dust it. The house isn’t looking as neat as it should. They neglect their own personal hygiene. And so all of it just kind of has a little bit of a domino effect.

The Demand For Home Downsizing Services Is Increasing

Every day, 10,000 people are turning 65 and that will happen every day until 2030.

And a third of all the seniors will fall, every age, 65 and older, a third of all seniors will fall this year.

Learn More About Bridge To Better Living

Bridge To Better Living, 402-802-3301 or You can find us on the website and we’re doing Zoom tours. We’re doing Zoom consultations. And so we can still meet with people, even in our offices that are large enough where we can have the six foot social distancing, or we can do it with Zoom into their homes or wherever they are.

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