Care Patrol Senior Placement Services in Omaha Nebraska

Care Patrol Senior Placement Services in Omaha Nebraska

Safer Senior Living with
Care Patrol in Omaha Nebraska

This is Ben Souchek with Home Downsizing Solutions, and welcome to this week’s zoom call. This week I have a special guest, Tom Hallman with Care Patrol in Omaha, Nebraska, who provides senior placement services.

What Is Care Patrol’s Primary Mission And Services Provided

We help families find assisted living, independent living, memory care and in-home care. We review state care and violation histories of communities that we recommend. And we tour our clients to the recommended facilities, much like a realtor shows a house. We are free to our community. There is no cost. We provide the service to a lot of people. And why we’re successful is that we are free. We don’t get paid by you, we get paid by our network providers. And we will help you find the safest, the best community for you and your family and loved ones that need.

How Did You Get Started with Care Patrol?

A lot of people that get in this business, either it comes from that it was a loved one, or for me, it’s always been, I had a niche of being around older people and seeing how it made them feel different and how once we get to a certain age in our life, sometimes we get to an age where we’re like, I’m just old. I always thought that I could make a difference in their life, to just make them still feel like they’re still young.

And during this process, it is a very difficult time knowing what we could do as caregivers to help our loved ones out. And me personally, with the friends that I had, I had one of my friends that ended up passing at 102 years old, learned a lot, but just making that one impact on them, to show him what great things that you can do to impact our elders or showing what you can do to enhance their life, to be better for them and the family.

Sometimes we all need a break. And so that, for me, that’s how I got into this. I was looking around and this caught my eye about senior help in senior communities. And I felt like it was a good niche for me at that point, just from those little small things that I’ve experienced in my life with my elder generation, that I became good friends with.

I had a friend of mine recently just pass, sad, but the best thing about it was, is the memories and the way we felt, the way he felt and way his family felt. And those are the most important things that made me get into this job. And I say job, being owner of this company. To make a difference to show families it’s all right to let others help take care during their most difficult time of need.

Ben Souchek: And as you mentioned, I’m sure you have encountered some challenging times and some stressful times for other people, but being able to help families through those times has to be very rewarding to do that for individuals and family members. If you could, what are some of the typical reasons I guess, or some of the, maybe what I would term a life changing event, that leads a family or a family member to look for your services, to start looking for your type of services that you offer?

What Happens to Cause Someone to Contact Care Patrol

A lot of times people find us, whether it’s from the doctor’s office or maybe just on their own, or church or networking group. Why they come to us is either because there’s caregiving at home that becomes overwhelming for those that are taking care of their loved ones, and it’s time to be moved into a community at this time or a safer living. At that point, we walk the family right through that whole process and how difficult it is. It’s very frustrating. It’s very difficult. And we want to take that pressure off your shoulders and help relieve that pain and guide you to what services that are actually out there, and show you what community fits your family member’s needs. From all walks of life, it all happens in different angles.

Sometimes we get it from the doctor’s office saying, “This family really needs your help. They didn’t know the service was out there to be provided”. Or we have a church group that will call and say, “Hey, we have a member in our church that needs your services and are trying to figure out what to do with mom and dad or maybe grandma and grandpa.” The situation comes down to this. It’s when we kind of figure that we do not have enough resources at home to help better our loved one’s life. And that’s when we get involved.

And so with that being said, numerous organizations that do reach out to Care Patrol, from the fire and police department, from churches, from hospitals, from social workers, the case workers, they know what type of service that we provide. And the key is that we are a free service to the families to help place their loved ones during this most difficult time.

What Are The Specific Services That Care Patrol Provides

Matter of fact, especially like our vets is a huge thing right now. There’s aid and attendance, which a lot of people are not familiar with and where to go and how to get that. We help guide them through that whole process. If a family member is down to where they don’t have any money and they want to be in a community, where do they go? What’s their next step? We walk them through how to reach out to the Medicaid waiver side of it all.

There’s so many different things and it’s very complicated. We just try to keep it very short list and show them what steps that need to be processed during that timeframe. Those are usually the main, crucial part of it all.

The third one would be if there is a house involved, it could be where they need a bridge loan. How do we get the bridge loan? We can’t afford it right this second so how are we able to afford the next step of this?

We guide them into the bridge loan part of it, and would be able to say, “Oh, this is the steps that we need to go through”. Give them those lists of people, resources or referrals.

The other thing is what do we do about moving, packing up or stuff that needs to go into a community? We also have numerous resources that we have for that. The key is to try and make this process less stressful for the family, as much as possible, to make it feel like they’re not doing it all themselves.

Home Downsizing Solutions Can Eliminate The Need For A Bridge Loan

Ben Souchek: And one quick mention, I guess with our services from Home Downsizing Solutions, we can potentially eliminate the need for, you mentioned a bridge loan, in order to get a homeowner into a community quickly, to get the care that they need. And sometimes they have to get that bridge loan, but with our services, we can buy the home very quickly and eliminate that need. Just wanted to throw that in there also.

Anything else, Tom, that you’d like to add that we haven’t covered? I know our call has been fairly quick here this morning, but I think we’ve gone over some good things and provided some good information for people that would be watching. But anything else that you would like to add that we haven’t covered so far?

Plan Ahead When Possible With Senior Placement Services

Tom Hallman: It’s always good, always, especially when we’re talking about our loved ones at this point, it’s always the get the ball rolling sooner than later. We never know what’s going to happen the next second. We may plan for what the next second may be, but it might not be what our actual plan is. If we could always think ahead of the actual picture and maybe know what our options are at this time and learn what we need to do for our loved ones to make a difference, it will make the process so much smoother for the family.

And at that point, when things do turn the worst, if it ever does, and we never want that to happen, but we know that potentially that could happen to our loved ones, that we already know the next step of where our loved ones will be and how we would establish the estate sale. How do we either have an auction or be able to sell the things inside or whatever? Have that game plan set.

The other thing too is also in the process of this all, and I probably should have mentioned earlier, is that we probably would like to know who your POAs are that are involved with our loved ones. Know who’s the medical and who’s our financial, or who’s doing both.

Always try to have two people set aside for that. The best part about my job is when families can work together with their loved ones and be on the same side with one another. And know what the most important message here is to take care of our loved ones. And if we could get past that stage to know that taking care of our loved ones is the message that’s most important, there’s a potentially a better lifestyle at the end of the rainbow for them and for yourselves.

Always ask your question- When was the last time you went on a date? When was the last time you went out to dinner or maybe watched a movie? It’s okay to take a break. And it’s okay for others to be able to watch your loved one for 24 hours and know that they’re in safe care. But they also have to remind yourself, you’ve got to take care of yourself and it’s all right for others to help take care of your loved ones as well. And at Care Patrol, we do want the better lifestyle, the better, safer living for our seniors.

How To Contact Care Patrol in Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska

Actually, we have two good ways. You could always reach out by calling us. It’s (402) 904-8296, or you could go to our website at Care Patrol Omaha in Lincoln. That also will give you my little biography about myself, about the company and have a little bit of information there, be able to see some of the different things that people wrote about us. The other thing is you can follow us on Facebook at Care Patrol Nebraska as well. We do cover the majority of the Nebraska. Reach out. We’re here. The phone rings all the time, but there’s not one call that goes by where we don’t either call you back or don’t answer when you call.

We always want to give every family that same respect when the phone rings, that we’re going to answer that call to give that family the same respect as we gave the one that we’re talking to the previous time. We’re here to help. We’re here to make a difference in everybody’s lives, especially our loved one’s lives, to make a better life.

Ben Souchek: Very good. Well, thank you, Tom. I’ve appreciated you joining me here on our call today. And again, I’m Ben Souchek with Home Downsizing Solutions. If Tom and Care Patrol can help you out, if you have any questions, please contact them. And I hope you enjoyed the call today. Have a great day.

Tom Hallman: Thank you.

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