Care Matrix Omaha NE Senior Housing Experts

Care Matrix Omaha NE Senior Housing Experts
Care Matrix Omaha Nebraska Senior Housing Experts

Care Matrix Omaha NE Senior Housing Experts

A Free service helping seniors and their families find appropriate housing in the Omaha Nebraska area.

This is Ben Souchek with Home Downsizing Solutions and welcome to this Zoom call this morning. Today I have a very special guest Teresa Jordan with CareMATRIX in Omaha, Nebraska. And their motto is senior housing experts. So Teresa, thank you for joining me here today and welcome.

How CareMatrix Senior Housing Experts Came To Be

Teresa: You bet. So CareMATRIX, when we started, I was in corporate America and I think a lot of people understand that corporate America is really all about revenue and not servicing the customer. And I was extremely frustrated, I won’t go into that story but service is very important to me, and ethics is super important to me, and I was just getting frustrated. I was doing a lot of traveling, and my husband is a disabled vet and I needed to be home with him. And I ran across this opportunity which is now CareMATRIX. And I thought, “How awesome, I can help people. I own it so I know that the ethics are going to be there, and I know that I can serve and serve correctly.”

I love it because I’m also a caregiver, so I totally understand what people are going through. I understand their array of emotions. I understand too that if you have never done this before, and hopefully you never have because it’s not a fun process to go through, sometimes you don’t know where to go and what to ask and that is why we’re in businesses, is to help people navigate this journey.

What Is Care Matrix Primary Service or Benefit to Others?

We help seniors and their families navigate the senior living landscape out there. What that means is if somebody is wanting to stay at home, whether they need independent assisted living, memory care or skilled care, we handhold them through that whole entire move in. Plus if they need services around that, we can help with that.

A lot of people go, “Oh my gosh, you’re like a real estate agent for independent assisted living and memory care.” And I’m like, “We kind of are because we’re just like a real estate agent in that we’re free to the families.” And the way that we get paid is we get a referral fee from the community when they move in. So, we do help with that housing portion but we’re also helping with anything that is supportive around that. We can help as a concierge service if you will.

What Geographic Areas Does CareMatrix Provide Services In

We service Omaha, Council Bluffs, IA, Fremont and Lincoln, NE. And I’ll tell you we do some pro-bono work if somebody is out there in, for example, Chadron, Nebraska, and they need assistance with their mom. We don’t go to Chadron, but because we’re really about servicing, we will help people that need navigation services as well. But our focus is that Lincoln, Omaha, Fremont, Council Bluffs areas.

Again, our motto or model with this business is servicing. And so, we don’t want to say, “Oh my gosh, because you live in Kearney, Nebraska, there may not be a resource there but we want to be able to help with that.” Because you don’t know what you don’t know, and having six plus years of experience, I’ve learned a lot and I want to make sure that our seniors are taken care of.

Who Is The Typical Client That CareMatrix Can Help With Your Services?

We help seniors and we work a lot with their adult children because it does become overwhelming. And I’ll tell you a lot of people think that you have to have lots and lots of money to go into assisted living, and that is not the case. I think a lot of people don’t even look because they’re like, “I can’t afford that.” But, just call because we can have that discussion.

We are looking at people that may want to stay at home. They’re in the planning stages, “You know what? I’m not ready to go, but I want to have that plan.” And we love that because there’s no better time to look for your future, if you will, whether that’s staying at home, assisted living, or independent living, when you don’t need it. So, we love people that are planning but we also are dealing a lot with people that are, gosh there was a fall and maybe there was a hip broken and they can’t go home anymore. So, we’re dealing a lot with those too.

There’s also people, maybe it’s a husband and wife or a child that is caregiving for somebody with dementia. And so, they may need a respite stay so we will help with that as well. So, we’re anywhere from just planning all the way to the crisis stage or just needing a break.

Specific Situations That Happen When a Senior Or Family Member Will Seek Out CareMatrix Solutions and Services

I’m going to talk about two parts because we do have the group of clients that they want that plan. And so, there’s not really a catalyst if you will that says, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got to call Teresa.” It’s more of, “You know what? I want that plan.” Maybe they saw somebody else going through this that didn’t have a plan so that creates them to have a plan. But a lot of times there is a life event unfortunately, and that could be like I said the hip, it could be just going over and noticing there may be some memory issues going on. There are a lot of triggers. And if anybody ever wants, we have a great brochure that talks about some of those warning signs that you may need to look for such as maybe somebody used to be extremely clean and now they’re not bathing.

Their house is a great indication that they need help. If they’re not able to take care of the outside, or even on the inside all of a sudden there’s hoarding or pathways, or it’s just unclean or unkept, or maintenance is needing to happen. There are so many signs and life events that happen. So I’m just going to categorize them as warning signs/life events because you and I we could probably talk about that all day long,

Ben Souchek: Thank you for that information because those are the primary items I think that really are important to individuals that might be watching this, that would I think be most important to find you and ask you about your services.

Other Need To Know Items For Senior Placement Agencies

Is there anything else that you would like to add that I haven’t asked you about that would be beneficial for someone watching this?

Teresa: You bet. So, one of the things I think when you’re working with a navigation company, a lot of people will call them placement agencies and we’re more than just a placement agency we’re really helping people navigate. You need to think about some things.

First of all, how long have they been in business? This is a really niche market and what we’re seeing, because of the baby boomers, there are a lot of businesses just all of a sudden popping up. So you want to make sure that somebody has experience and they understand what’s going on and they have that experience to help.

You also want to make sure of the way that they get paid. As I said before, we get referral fees from communities and we have to have contracts with those communities. A lot of navigation companies or placement companies will only go to places that they have contracts with, so you want to make sure that who you’re working with, if they will go to all or just the contracted ones. Because we have contracts with 99.9% of the communities out there, and even if we don’t, we will go to those places because if it’s the right fit, it’s the right fit. It’s not about our revenue.

So you want to look at those kind of things. You want to make sure that you’re really looking at financials, because you only want to move clients once, and you don’t want to move them someplace and have their money drained. And Ben, I’m sure you’ve seen this too, where they go someplace, they drain their money and now they’re out of money and they have to move again.

So, do your homework when you’re looking. It doesn’t hurt to place phone calls and do interviews because you learn a lot. And remember, most people that are in this business whether you’re a navigation company, you’re helping people downsize and move, home health, we have great hearts and we’re really here to help, so don’t hesitate to call.

Ben Souchek: And just to jump back a little, I agree entirely with finding a company that has a track record, because as you mentioned there’s a lot of people jumping into all aspects of the downsizing business. I certainly see that, after doing what I’ve been doing for 20 plus years, that especially with the real estate market, it seems like everybody’s out there acting as a home buyer these days. So, I certainly understand that, and to find somebody like yourself that has the experience to navigate that process with them.

Learn More About CareMatrix Senior Housing Experts in Omaha Nebraska

My name is Teresa Jordan, and no I’m not related to Michael Jordan. I get that all the time. But our phone number is 402-885-5693. I take text messages as well as phone calls. Email is Go check us out on the web which is It has a lot of information out there and we keep expanding it. So, just give me a call. I’m not pushy.

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