Want To Sell My Bellevue or Omaha Nebraska House And Move To Heritage Ridge

Want To Sell My Bellevue or Omaha Nebraska House And Move To Heritage Ridge
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Want To Sell Your House And Move To Heritage Ridge In Bellevue NE?

Are you a homeowner in the Bellevue or Omaha, Nebraska area? Have you owned your house for maybe 20, 30, 40 or more years and it possibly needs some updating or repairs at this point, but are you currently thinking about downsizing or moving to a smaller house or apartment community that might make it easier to live a lifestyle that you’d prefer to live at this point?

Are you considering a move to a community like Heritage Ridge in Bellevue, Nebraska?

My name is Ben Souchek and I’m with Home Downsizing Solutions, a professional home buying company.

We make it very easy for individuals in your circumstance that are looking to sell your house and have a stress-free, hassle-free way to make that transition to a new home.

Benefits That Home Downsizing Solutions Provides If You Want To Sell Your House

Some of the benefits that we can offer to you, some of the reasons that people do sell their house to my company is, one, as a house buyer, you don’t have to worry about putting the house on the market at all.

You don’t have to worry about listing your house. You don’t have to worry about agents calling you and wanting to show the house to prospective buyers at inconvenient times.

You don’t have to worry about doing any repairs or updating to the house that someone else might want you to do for them.

With traditional buyers, you can sometimes run into a situation where they’re always going to have a whole house inspection before they buy a house, understandably, but that usually or typically leads to the opportunity for that potential buyer to then renegotiate what they’re asking from you as a seller before they’ll buy the house.

Another area for renegotiation is when they have an appraisal done. Every lender, when a buyer gets a traditional loan for the house, or financing, they’re going to have an appraisal done. Again, with the appraisal, that’s typically another opportunity where the appraiser will come through and identify potential areas or deficiencies that may need to be addressed before the lender will give the financing or provide the financing, which is then another opportunity for the buyer to renegotiate the agreement with you, the seller, or ask for concessions, any of those items that can change the deal, and not in your favor as a seller.

The other benefits that we can offer to you are, we would buy the house as is, no repairs needed, no updates needed. Take the things you want, sell the things you want to sell and any of the stuff that you don’t care about, leave in the house and we would take care of it for you.

Close and Move On Your Date Of Choice

A big catch-22 that sometimes occurs in situations like this is if you have an apartment picked out, but maybe it’s not ready yet, what we can do is buy the house but allow you to stay in the house for sometimes 30, 60, 90 days until you can make that transition to your new house.

That way, you don’t lose the opportunity to get to the new home or apartment that you want to get to, but you don’t have to worry about having a vacant house set there either, should you move and the house not sold. That alleviates that issue as well.

If you are looking to sell and move to an independent or assisted living community or other community here in the Bellevue Nebraska area, like Heritage Ridge, please give us a call, toll free, 855-291-5005.

Or check us out at www.homedownsizingsolutions.com, and I would be happy to try and be of benefit and of service to you in any way that we can. Thank you very much.


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