Assisted Living Facilities in Omaha!

Do you or a loved one need to downsize a house in Omaha? If you are a homeowner in Omaha, who is ready to transition into an assisted living or independent living facility, you’ll want to get as much information as possible! Below, we’ve put together some material regarding the most popular assisted living facilities … Continued

Assisted Living Facilities in Lincoln!

Are you a homeowner in Lincoln, NE who is ready to transition into a senior community or assisted living facility in Lincoln, NE? If so, you’ll want to look at your options, read the reviews, and get the information you need before deciding where you would like to go. Below, we’ve put together the most … Continued

Downsizing After The Loss of A Loved One In Lincoln NE

Downsizing After The Loss of A Loved One In Lincoln, NE

No matter how you look at it, losing someone you love is one of the hardest things you will have to go through. Dealing with your grief in addition to all of the details that must be resolved can be overwhelming and exhausting. Feeling burdened by all of the stuff and all of the unused … Continued

Exclusive Home Selling Benefits and Services For AARP Members

Are You A Member of AARP Who Is Thinking About Selling A House in Lincoln or Omaha, NE? At Home Downsizing Solutions by The Sierra Group, we offer special incentives to members of AARP! We provide multiple house selling solutions, including traditional home selling services or our quick and easy direct buyer program. When we…

Downsizing With a Large Family

4 Tips for Downsizing With A Large Family in Lincoln, NE

Living in a house that’s too big or feeling overwhelmed by all of your belongings isn’t a comfortable way to live. Even large families in Lincoln are getting in on the downsizing trend, moving from houses that are several thousand square feet and into homes that are much smaller. Owning a house with so much … Continued