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How Can I Help You Sell Your House And Downsize

Hi, I’m Ben Souchek with Home Downsizing Solutions. After providing home selling services and solutions for home sellers for more than 20 years and working with hundreds of sellers and looking at thousands of houses, some people have referred to me as Mr. Home Downsizing. And I want to provide you the information that you need if and when you are thinking of selling your house and downsizing in the future.

Providing Home Selling & Downsizing Services For More Than 20 Years

With Home Downsizing Solutions, we’ve been providing solutions to home sellers for more than 20 years. What makes my company unique, I think, and hopefully your best solution for selling your house and downsizing is, one, we’ve been in business for over 20 years, we’ve seen the ups and downs in the market and can provide you solutions in any market climate.

We Provide Multiple Solutions To Sell Your House & Downsize

We are not able to just provide one solution. Most home buying companies and most real estate agents only have one solution to offer to you and I don’t think that is in your best interest. That bias doesn’t serve you well or serve you as well as it could.

With Home Downsizing Solutions, we can provide multiple solutions to you to get your house sold, whether that be our direct-buying option or solution, or different offers that we can provide to you, which may be beneficial. And if our solution isn’t the best, then one of our affiliated agents can also provide solutions to you to market your house in a more traditional manner.

As a licensed agent myself, I know kind of both sides of the coin, whether it’s the listing a house in a traditional market or traditional manner, or the direct home buying offer or a solution that we can provide to you.

No matter what your situation is, I know that every situation is unique and everybody’s goal may be similar to sell a house and get to their next home, but that path is always different, and I recognize that. And we want to be able to talk to you, discuss what you want to see happen, what is important to you to make that happen and what benefits would be important to you.

What House Selling Benefits Are Of Value To You?

What I would typically tell any seller when it comes to our direct-buy or cash-buy option or solution, is if the benefits that we offer are of enough value, then we might be a good fit for you. If they’re not, then one of our other solutions may be best for you.

The Benefits We Offer

The main benefits that we can offer with our direct cash purchase is, one, you of course do not need to put the house on the market.

You don’t have to worry about any updates or repairs to the house. If there’s any stuff in the house you just don’t care about, leave it and we’ll take care of it when we buy your house.

You don’t have to worry about any showings of the house like a traditional marketing and sale of a house would include. You don’t have to prepare your house and get it ready to be put on the market or show-ready.

You don’t have to worry about the inconveniences of agents calling at maybe at inopportune times or times when they’re just not convenient for you to show a house. You don’t have to worry about who’s coming into your house, which may be a concern sometimes.

You don’t have to worry about a traditional buyer getting a whole house inspection, which may provide an opportunity to nitpick your house apart and renegotiate the offer that they may have agreed to.

You don’t have to worry about a traditional buyer getting a loan and going through an appraisal process, which can give a buyer an opportunity to nitpick and renegotiate the agreement again, depending on what that appraiser finds.

We Are Local Cash Home Buyers & Can Close On YOUR Date Of Choice

With us, again, we’re a cash buyer. We’re a real cash buyer. We have lines of credit. And so, unlike wholesalers that say that they can buy your house but then shop an agreement to a real buyer, we are not that way. We are a real cash buyer. We can close when you want us to, whether that is within just a few days, maybe even 24 hours of reaching an agreement, or a few weeks. Whatever timeframe is best for you, we can work with.

The only thing that slows us down is the title company checking title and preparing paperwork. Otherwise, we can close as quickly as you’d like us to.

We Offer Flexible Closing & Moving Dates

The other main benefit that we can help you to avoid is the catch-22 of moving and possibly leaving a vacant house. If you have a home you want to move into but don’t have your house sold, it can cause a situation where you’d have to worry about a vacant house. Or you may have or be able to sell your house right away, but the place that you want to get into maybe isn’t ready for you yet or the community doesn’t have an opening for you.

We can buy your house and allow you to stay in the house for maybe 30, 60, 90 days in some situations so that you can make that move very, very stress-free, hassle-free; and you don’t have to move twice. That is a big benefit that a lot of people like.

We Provide The Fastest, Easiest, Most Convenient Way To Sell Your House & Downsize

We do everything that we can to make this a very transparent process, a very straight-forward process. And again, our goal is to allow you to sell your house and make that transition as stress-free and hassle-free as we possibly can.

If we could be a benefit to you, if you are thinking about selling your house and downsizing, I would appreciate the opportunity to see if our services can be of value and benefit to you. And if you have any questions, please let us know and thank you for checking us out. Have a great day.

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Home Downsizing Solutions by The Sierra Group, LLC is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We purchase homes locally, and in many other parts of the country such as Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas & Florida! For the past 20+ years, we have been helping people by purchasing their homes directly! In addition, we are licensed realtors in Nebraska and Missouri. We understand the process and the local markets, allowing you to receive the best service and the best all-cash price for your home! We are Veteran Owned, and hold an A+ rating with The BBB! 

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