Downsizing After The Loss of A Loved One In Lincoln NE

Downsizing After The Loss of A Loved One In Lincoln, NE

No matter how you look at it, losing someone you love is one of the hardest things you will have to go through. Dealing with your grief in addition to all of the details that must be resolved can be overwhelming and exhausting. Feeling burdened by all of the stuff and all of the unused … Continued

downsizing your home in Omaha

6 Benefits of Downsizing Your Home In Omaha, NE

The push for downsizing is everywhere. Everyone is talking about smaller houses, but why? Having a lot of space has always been looked upon as a good thing, even prestigious or a sign of success to many people. However, when you think about what it is costing, is it really worth it? Both seniors and … Continued

Downsizing With a Large Family

4 Tips for Downsizing With A Large Family in Lincoln, NE

Living in a house that’s too big or feeling overwhelmed by all of your belongings isn’t a comfortable way to live. Even large families in Lincoln are getting in on the downsizing trend, moving from houses that are several thousand square feet and into homes that are much smaller. Owning a house with so much … Continued