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Hi.  My name is Ben Souchek.  I am the CEO, founder, and owner of The Sierra Group, LLC, parent company of 7 Days Cash – Pro Home Buyers and Home Downsizing Solutions®.  I started The Sierra Group more than 20 years ago to buy houses directly from home owners wanting a different option of selling their house instead of Listing.

When the 2008-2009 market correcting occurred, I had more and more sellers contacting me that wanted to sell their house and downsize.  This is when I created Home Downsizing Solutions, which caters our services to a downsizing demographic.

Using our proprietary system, we have purchased 30 to 40 houses per year for the last 10+ years (even in “terrible” market periods), and have helped many other home owners with traditional house selling services since I am also a licensed real estate agent.  This gives us the ability to provide multiple solutions to a home seller and custom tailor a solution that is best for them.

Home Downsizing Solutions offers a system for purchasing houses directly from the home owner, which eliminates fees, commissions, and stress for the homeowner.  The seller often gets paid within days (or as soon as the title/closing company can close), and are given the freedom to move out of their home at their own pace.  We can even assist sellers with the transition to their new home.

Historically, Home Downsizing Solutions has predominantly provided our services in the Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE, and Kansas City metro areas.  We are now expanding, and are looking for agents that want to join us in our mission to provide exceptionally great home selling services.  Those interested in working with us receive the attention, guidance, and resources necessary to create a successful, or more successful business than you currently have, regardless of the market climate.

Our unique, seller centered solutions, provide the opportunity for home sellers to choose between Home Downsizing Solutions or 7 Days Cash options, and the traditional home selling process.

You may be asking “But how can Ben Souchek & The Sierra Group
specifically benefit me?”

First, as demonstrated by the explosion of iBuyer programs such as Open Door, Offer Pad, and traditional real estate brokerages offering iBuyer services, being able to offer sellers multiple solutions is no longer an oddity, but a necessity if agents want to survive and thrive in the future. 

A quick note, we are an authorized iBuyer for HomeLight as well as eXp Realty. This should provide additional confidence knowing that we have been vetted for these nationwide real estate companies.

Being able to meet with a seller, assess their situation and goals for selling their house, and being able to offer the best solution for them will provide your clients better service than your competition, and you with a better business.

Would you like to provide services and solutions that set you apart from your competition, making you the only logical choice a seller would want to work with?

Would you like to be able to provide sellers with multiple solutions to sell their house, provide the positives and negatives of each solution, so that no matter what solution they choose, they work with you, and you have the peace of mind to know that you are taking better care of your clients than any other agent would?

Second, are you currently or do you have an interest in working with a Downsizing demographic? 

For the last 10+ years, I have created specific options and services for home owners that want to sell and Downsize, with the least amount of stress and hassles.

It was actually these sellers that taught me how valuable my company’s benefits and services were when I bought their house!

It was common to hear a seller tell me that they had interviewed multiple real estate agents, only to be told that they needed to do a number of things to their house before the agent would list their house.

These sellers had no desire to update their house, have strangers coming in and out of their house, be expected to have their house available for showings at a moment’s notice, and so on.

They realized they might not put quite as much money in their pocket from the sale of their house to a home buyer such as myself, but the value of the benefits that I offered were worth it to them.

I can provide you with all of the marketing tools and assistance I have developed over the years including flyers, direct mail, ad copy, my Secrets to Downsizing My House® book, lead generation items, and my personal assistance.

You can check out Home Downsizing Solutions Here:

Third, I can provide assistance and guidance in providing direct buyer or other real estate services for your business.

Have you considered other real estate related services that you could be providing to your clients?

Have you seen great deals before they hit the MLS and wondered how you could participate in those transactions?

It amazes me that most agents do not own any real estate except their own home.  I think they’re missing out on being involved or owning one of the best investment vehicles available to them, as well as other investment options involving real estate.

With more than 20+ years’ experience with buying houses, providing Listing services to sellers, providing private lending services to other investors, I know that I can be a great asset for you!

Lastly, I would encourage you to check out the benefits of EXP Realty. 

EXP Realty is a unique firm designed to encourage agents to cultivate success in those they recruit.  EXP Realty provides opportunities to earn stock and other financial incentives beyond basic commissions to agents that recruit productive agents.  This incentivizes your recruiting agent (me) to provide you with the support and mentorship you deserve to be successful, and in turn provides you the same financial incentives to recruit and mentor new EXP agents.

This allows you to create MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

This allows you to create PASSIVE income and more FREEDOM in your life.

You can check out a short 7 minute video right here:

I truly believe this is the perfect time for agents to expand the solutions they can offer to home sellers.  With large, well-financed home buying companies entering the market, traditional real estate brokerages entering the home buying market, and more low or no cost real estate brokerage companies entering the market, becoming a Home Downsizing Solutions® or 7 Days Cash affiliated agent gives you resources and a competitive edge in your market area.

Sound interesting?  If you would like more information or to speak directly with me about taking the next step, please use the Contact Us button at the top of this page to get a message to me.

Take ACTION, and CONTROL of your future, and contact me right away!

Best Wishes,