Age in Place in Kansas City With Home Instead

Age In Place In Kansas City with Home Instead

Home Instead Senior Care –
We Can Help Your Loved One
Remain Safe in Their Own Home

My name is Ben Souchek. I’m with The Sierra Group and Home Downsizing Solutions. My company provides multiple solutions for individuals looking to sell their house and typically downsize. We are a direct home buyer, as well as our affiliated agents can provide traditional real estate services such as listing and marketing a house in a traditional manner. And today though, I brought Carrie Storm from Home Instead in Overland Park, Kansas on because there are situations where homeowners would prefer to stay in their own home as long as possible. And sometimes that is just a better solution than to sell their house and move any sooner than they really need to. So, Carrie, thank you for joining us today.

What or who is Home Instead Senior Care?

Carrie Storm: Home Instead was founded in 1998 out of Omaha, Nebraska by Lori and Paul Hogan. It was basically brought into this world by necessity. Paul’s mother had some problems and they could not find solutions. So they ended up taking her into the home and taking care of her and then realized that this was a need. At that point Home Instead was born.

What we do, we are a locally-owned and operated business dedicated to providing a friendly, responsive relationship and reliable personnel to come into the home to make sure that you have all your needs taken care of from companionship all the way to hospice support.

We Help Your Senior Loved One Remain Safe in Their Own Home

Ben Souchek: Your website says, “We help your senior loved one remain safe in their own home.” That’s pretty cut and dried, but would you like to elaborate on that?

Carrie Storm: Well, of course, every senior is different and like I said, we do care from strict companionship all the way to hospice support. That also includes dementia patients. I know a lot of times, families that have early onset dementia don’t feel comfortable with their family member or their loved one being alone. So that way we can help on that aspect to help them know that their loved one is safe. But also we also want to make sure that the clients feel comfortable in their own home. So we can be there just to help out with the little things from laundry, from meal preparation, to driving, for transportation needs to appointments or just errands.

Specific Steps A Potential Client Takes When Deciding To Contact Home Instead

Ben Souchek: What are the mental or the physical steps that a homeowner or maybe their family members will take to decide that it’s time to bring someone like Home Instead into their home for assistance?

Carrie Storm: Well, like any chapter in life, aging is as a new chapter and unfortunately it’s hard. Change is hard. It’s hard for anyone. So basically what we want to do is to come in and make the client know that we’re here for them to make this the most comfortable change in life possible, to make sure that they have help when they need it, but also to be there just to reassure them that they can stay in their home and then not be fearful that they’re going to be sent to a facility. Or we’re also there for family members to make sure that they get some time, some respite so they know that they’re giving their loved one’s attention and care, but also taking care of themselves.

Specific Services That Home Instead Provides

Well, like I said earlier, we do everything from companionship all the way to hospice support and there are so many things in between, from light housework, making sure that meals are prepared, making sure that transportation needs are taken care of and errands are being … They were able to take to on errands. Making sure that the med reminders are given because a lot of times that’s a very difficult process when you’re not taking your meds on a regular basis and family members want to make sure that they are. So we make sure that our caregivers are very intuitive to make sure that the meds are given out on proper times. We can also do personal care as far as if incontinence is a problem. We’re also there for that.

What Makes Home Instead Senior Care Different

To start off, we are a 24/7 company, so that means we work around the clock seven days a week. We have caregivers that will be there on the weekends. We have caregivers during the week and overnights. We also have an on-call system where you will always have support in case there is a problem.

We have trained our caregivers to make sure that they have specific knowledge for the clients that they will be with so they will have the best service available.

We also do a quality assurance check. Depending on the amount of hours that you have, the quality assurance coordinator will make sure that she comes out and just does a quality assurance check at least once a week or if not twice a week.

We also have introductions for our caregivers. You’re never going to have a caregiver come to the home without an introduction. That way you’ll know and recognize a Home Instead caregiver by the t-shirt that they wear, it will be a Home Instead logo, and a name badge. And they will always have an introduction through a client care coordinator or the quality assurance coordinator so you don’t have to worry about just anybody knocking on your door.

How Do Clients Typically Pay For Home Instead Senior Care Services

We are not a part of the Medicare system, so we do not accept Medicare, but we are private pay. We also accept longterm care insurance and we can also help you with making sure those longterm care invoices are filed.

Other Items to Know About Home Instead Senior Care in Kansas City

I just want to make sure that they know that our staff is committed to providing top notch care to the client and we treat every client as if they are our family. We want to make sure that we keep it personal and that’s kind of our, or that is our motto, to make sure that we know that it’s a personal service. So we want to make sure that we feel that we are comfortable in the home and the client is comfortable with us. We will work strictly with hospice, but hospice will be in charge anytime we have a hospice client. We will be there for support, but we’re also there from just companionship too. So if you have say a bed bound client and we just need someone to come in to help them make sure that they enjoy their day, we have those caregivers also.

Learn More About Home Instead Senior Care

In the Overland Park, Kansas City area, because our office does cover the Wyandotte and Johnson counties area, we can be reached at 913-962-6500. Basically the protocol would be, I would do a review over the phone just to see what needs we could possibly help you with. Then I would set a client care consult or I would come out, do an overall observation of the situation making sure that it is a safe environment, not only for the client, but for the caregivers also.

At that point, we can sit down and answer all the questions necessary and if they decide at that time that they’d like to sign up for services, we’d be more than happy to get them started. And hopefully we can have a caregiver in there as soon as possible.

I would like to add that we also have, if you were just looking for information about Home Instead, you can go to our website\102.

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