4 Signs It May Be Time To Sell Your House And Downsize

HOME DOWNSIZING BLUEPRINT - Ep. 6 Signs It May be Time to Sell Your House and Downsize

4 Signs It May Be Time To Sell Your House And Downsize

Hi, my name is Ben Souchek. I’m with Home Downsizing Solutions by The Sierra Group. There may never be a perfect time to sell a house and downsize, but I have certainly worked with home sellers that in hindsight waited too long. Sometimes health or other issues forced the sale of a house and downsize into a smaller home or apartment that better fit a person’s lifestyle. Sometimes the house isn’t sold and family members end up with an inherited house or estate situation they weren’t prepared for or know how the deceased owner wanted their affairs handled. I’d like to discuss a few signs that it may be time to sell your house and downside.

Have Your Monthly Expenses Become Too Much?

One, your monthly housing expenses have risen to an uncomfortable level. Living in a smaller house or apartment community can reduce the mortgage payment or housing payment, property taxes, utilities and maintenance. There’s no reason to not enjoy life and just exist just for a house. Not having to spend as much on a house may allow you to do things that you didn’t think were possible, like traveling, enjoying eating out more, activities like golf or other things that you enjoy, or other items that make life more enjoyable.

Are Home Repairs and Maintenance Issues Piling Up?

Two, falling behind on home maintenance. Selling a house that you’ve raised a family in can be difficult, but hanging onto that house too long may cause health and financial problems that can be avoided. If you can’t or just don’t want to do items that should be done to keep a house updated, it may be time to look at selling and downsizing.

Do You Have Too Much House?

Three, your house has features that do not fit your current lifestyle. If you raised a family, you may have needed those three or four bedrooms. Now that extra room may be just collecting stuff that you really don’t need and costing extra money for utilities. Your house also may have features, such as stairs, that make it more difficult or unusable to enjoy and just creating an unsafe situation.

Would More Income Be Better Than Home Equity?

Four, convert your home equity into income. If you’ve worked hard, have little or no debt on your house and would like to utilize the equity in your house, selling your house and converting that equity into an income stream can improve your lifestyle. We’ve worked with numerous and probably hundreds of sellers over the last 20 plus years that I’ve been in business. And we have helped numerous home sellers sell their house and downsize.

The Benefits That Home Downsizing Solutions Can Offer

The reasons that they have worked with us and chosen to sell their house to us is that we’ve made it very stress free, hassle free and a very easy transition to go from what was their current house to a new home or apartment.

They didn’t have to worry about putting their house on the market.

They didn’t need to worry about the hassle and expense of doing repairs or updating the house to make it sale ready for a retail, traditional house sale.

They didn’t have to worry about having buyers, traditional buyers come into the house or potential buyers that may or may not have had a real desire to buy their house.

They didn’t have to worry about having home inspections done or appraisals done on the house that a traditional buyer would have wanted done.

We were able to buy the house as-is so that they didn’t have to move or take any of the stuff that they didn’t want to take or move with them. They could just leave it and we took care of it for them.

We made it a very easy for them to transition into their new home or apartment.

In certain circumstances we were able to buy the house and allow them to stay in the house for 30, 60 sometimes 90 days so that they could make that transition according to when they wanted to make it.

If you are considering selling a house and downsizing, please contact us at www.HomeDownsizingSolutions.com and we would be happy to discuss how we can make the sale of your house and transition into a new home or apartment community as stress free and hassle free as we can make that for you. Thank you.

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