Think Your Elderly Parents Should Consider
Selling Their Home and Downsize?
Here Are 3 Tips When Encouraging Elderly Parents To Downsize

Thinking of Downsizing
3 Tips When Talking To Elderly Parents About Downsizing

Aging can be difficult to accept as it comes with the possibility that you need extra care. If your parents or grandparents are nervous about moving into a senior community that can ensure they get the medical aid and lifestyle that they need, you cannot force them into it without doing damage. The decision should never be rushed. The best outcomes are possible if you take the time to understand where their fears come from and how you can ease them. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Suggest, Never Force!

The first thing you need to do is plant the seed by suggesting options to them that can make their lives fun and hassle-free. If you have already researched senior living communities, describe the activities and medical services they offer. The point is to convince your loved ones to make the decision themselves rather than forcing them into it.

2. Offer To Take Them On Tours

Even if they are not convinced, offer to take them on tours of communities that you know they would like. Encourage them to take part in activities the communities offer and show them how much fun they can have there. Do your best to show them that they will have complete control of their life, even if they aren’t living in their current home. If they are willing to go, that’s great. If not, try another day.

You have to understand that they have fears and insecurities just like you and at that age, the challenges they face are more difficult than you can imagine. If you try and force their hand, they may push you away and refuse outright even if it is not in their best interests.

3. Wait For The Ideal Moments

Bombarding them with brochures when they are having their dinner or just relaxing won’t be as effective as other moments. Watch out for teachable moments where your suggestions for the move can have more impact.

For example, if your father fell or slipped in the bathroom and got injured, use that moment and tell him how trained staff in a community are always ready to assist in such cases. Similarly, if your mother complains that no one visits her, tell her she could make a lot of friends in the senior community and will never feel that way again.

The aim is to make them realize that they would be better off having trained medical professionals and caregivers around them rather than family members who don’t have the training to help them. Go with your instinct on the timing, but use any unfortunate event to give them a reality check.

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Home Downsizing Solutions can tip the scales in your favor by helping your elderly parents or relatives sell their home fast and move to a senior community without any stress or hassles. Moving and downsizing can feel overwhelming at first. We can help you find a senior care community that can suit their needs and help them relocate without stress.

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  • You have complete control over the sale of your house

And, much more! Our process is simple and straight forward:

Step 1 – We collect initial information about the house to prepare an offer for the property.

Step 2 – We will do a walkthrough of the house to determine its value. But, we will buy it “as is”!

Step 3 – We will create and present a written and fair offer.

Step 4 – If you accept our offer, we can close in 7 days or less, or on YOUR date of choice!

This last step will be invaluable if your elderly parents or relatives have to move to a senior community sooner rather than later. We will go one step further and help them with the resources to declutter and pack their belongings before the big move. In fact, we can also assist with locating a community that can meet their specific needs if you haven’t already!

At Home Downsizing Solutions, we believe a simple and straightforward process is ideal in such situations. If you have questions, we will be happy to answer them. Selling doesn’t have to be stressful and complicated. Make the process easy for your elderly parents or grandparents, and for yourself by getting in touch with us today.

Call us to learn more or send us basic details about the property so we can prepare an offer for you. Not convinced? Just see what others we have worked with have to say about us and make an informed decision.

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