Thinking About Selling Your House and Downsizing?
Here Are 2 Ways To Find The Best Omaha NE Senior Move Manager

Thinking of Downsizing
Ways To Find The Best Senior Move Manager When Downsizing

2 Ways To Find The Best Omaha Senior Move Manager

Relocating to a new place can feel overwhelming, especially if you have lived in your current home for decades. You’re not just moving your personal effects, whether it’s that armoire you found at the antique store or that stove you cannot do without. You will have to pack years of memories and other items.

While some people may prefer a hands-on approach to moving, others simply don’t have the time or experience to ensure nothing is left behind or is lost during the move. This is where a senior move manager can prove invaluable. By hiring a senior move manager along with a professional real estate company like Home Downsizing Solutions®, you can sit back as the team declutters your Omaha area home and helps you pack your valuables with the utmost care.

That being said, here are some ways you can narrow down your choice as you research senior move managers in your area.

Examine Their Work Ethic

Professional move managers don’t just make sure that your items are moved without getting damaged, they do so keeping your comfort and requirements in mind. This includes keeping a keen eye out for items that may hold sentimental value for you and ensuring they do not end up in the trash. Each item is handled with the respect and care it deserves. Besides giving you the respect you deserve, professional senior move managers do not judge their clients. That’s because they realize that homes that have been lived in for decades usually have items that may seem irrelevant to them but are actually priceless for their clients. Ensuring those items are not discarded accidentally or otherwise is a responsibility that they take seriously, no matter how much clutter there is. Their job is only to focus on the task at hand – ensuring you relocate without worry.

Ensure They Can Work With Your Schedule

Responsible and professional Omaha NE senior move managers know that they have to be prepared to work around their clients’ schedules. This includes being prepared to make last-minute changes to their own schedules if required. This can be anything from postponing the settling date to changing the date of the move itself. In other words, they prioritize your comfort and satisfaction rather than their own bottom line to ensure you have everything you need during this stressful event.

Besides this characteristic, your senior move manager should also be considerate of your situation. Whether you are relocating to leave the painful memories of a divorce behind or moving to a senior care facility, their focus should be on your peace of mind, not the money you are paying them. Patient and compassionate moving managers are worth their weight in gold during such trying times.

Are They A Certified Senior Move Manager?

The term Senior Move Manager is a service mark owned by the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Only NASMM members are Senior Move Managers. All NASMM members have completed required courses in safety and ethics, and are screened for insurance.

NASMM members are experienced professionals, bound by a pledge of integrity, committed to safety and ethics, and dedicated to continuing professional development.

Home Downsizing Solutions® Can Be The Missing Puzzle Piece For A Stress Free Move!

If you are looking for move managers who have all of the aforementioned characteristics AND can buy your current home, get in touch with us at Home Downsizing Solutions today! This is the perfect time to sell, especially if your house has more space than you really need. Think of all the money you are wasting right now in insurance, taxes, and utilities – money that you can save and get more just by selling to us.

We can help you transition to a new place that can meet your current needs and lifestyle. Here are just some of the benefits you will get afterwards:

  • No need to do any updates, repairs, or other home maintenance.
  • No yard work or snow removal to worry about.
  • Reduce costs for insurance, utilities, and taxes.

All of that AND you get extra cash that you can use to get a fresh start or make your life more comfortable.

We understand that you may be busy during this stressful time. We take some of that stress off your hands by simplifying the process. Here is how it works:

Step 1 – We collect initial information about the house to prepare an offer for the property.

Step 2 – We will do a walkthrough of the house to determine its value. But, we will buy it “as is”!

Step 3 – We will create and present a written and fair offer.

Step 4 – If you accept our offer, we can close in 7 days or less, or on YOUR date of choice!

We Provide Home Downsizing Concierge Services

In fact, we will do you one better and assist with finding the assets to help you declutter and pack all of your belongings before the big move. You don’t have to do it all alone.

The bottom line is you don’t have to stay in your home if it costs you more than its worth. Just because you have lived there for years doesn’t mean you should remain there. With Home Downsizing Solutions, you can make the process easier for yourself and start life anew in a place which can meet your current needs and lifestyle choices. We will make the transition run smoothly from start to finish.

We have years of experience taking control of simple and complex real estate situations for clients across the country. We KNOW that we can find a solution that works for you as well. But we will never force you into anything! If the solution we present doesn’t meet your needs, we will work hard to find one that does.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you make sense of how selling can benefit you in the long run. That way, you can make a well-informed decision with complete peace of mind. Start a new life in a new home without stressing out about the move with a professional move manager, and Home Downsizing Solutions by your side.

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